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Suffering From Cloudy Vision
Don't you just hate that feeling, when you have been sitting at your computer all day - and just as the most important part of your work session is about to start, your eyes begin to cloud over? This causes you to continuously blink and blink, in an attempt to release whatever mucus buildup there is across the eye. Often, if you do not have eye wash to rinse your eye out - you will find that blinking along achieves very little to help the situation.

Why is this? It's because when we look at the computer screen, we have a tendency to stare and glare at it, rather than just "look" at it. It is this staring which prevents us from blinking at a normal pace. As we hold our eyes open for an extended period of time, the air gets in to them, and they begin to get irritated.

Following this irritation, the mucus membranes surrounding the eyeball begin to secrete a sticky liquid in a desperate attempt to provide the much needed lubrication to the functioning eye. This is why your vision starts to go cloudy.

Do Not Panic!
Thankfully, spontaneous cloudy vision is not nearly as dramatic and dire as it sounds. In fact, it is actually quite harmless - and simply presents more of an inconvenience than anything else. If you have eye wash on hand - you could choose to use it in a situation like this. Because eye wash is a very light, delicate product, with absolutely no harsh chemicals - you are able to use it in your eyes on even the most severe occasion.

The key is knowing when and when not to use it. As a general rule, if you try washing your eye with eye wash, and the symptoms you are experiencing do not lift, you may find that you need to visit an eye doctor or specialist to get a more precise idea of what is actually going on.

Alternatively, if the eye wash succeeds in removing the cloudiness, you should be able to continue doing the work you were previously focused on - with little chance of the symptoms recurring in the very near future.

For this reason - people working with computers on a daily basis should always carry eye wash with them - no matter what the situation!

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