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Dry Eyes Can Cause Further Problems
You may not think much of it when it happens, but let us assure you the having dry eyes frequently is neither a good sign, nor a good thing to put up with for the future. The fact of the matter is that eyes are naturally supposed to be lubricated, thanks to the system of tear ducts which provide the much needed "silky smooth" substance which allows the eyelids to glide easily backwards and forwards.

If it is the case that this natural system is not working - it me be that you need to have this checked out. Dry eyes in the long term can be a sign of something else going awry in the human body - and because the eyes are so close to the brain - which is the central control system of the entire body - it is not worth risking anything at all.

So, if you have had dry eyes for some time, what should you do about it? Well, that tends to depend on the steps you have already taken to solve the problem yourself. Basically, we divide people in to two categories. They are:
1. People who haven't treated their eye problem.
2. People who have tried a treatment, but it hasn't worked.

In the next paragraph, we will take a look at what each of these groups of people should do - if they continue to encounter the problem of dry eyes in the future.

Does Eye Wash Help?
The key difference between these groups of people is that one group has not yet applied eye wash to their dry eyes, and alternatively, the other group has - and they are still having the same problems as before. If you are someone who hasn't tried eye wash - we would highly recommend that you do, before rushing to the eye doctor any paying upwards of $200 for a consultation. It could be the case that all you needed was a little bit of temporary lubrication to get the eyes back in working order.

If, on the other hand, you have already tried eye wash, and this still hasn't worked - you should definitely book in to your eye doctor. Overall, eye wash is a very good indicator as to whether something more sinister is going on behind the wall of symptoms that you are experiencing.

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