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Eye wash and eye wash solution is something which every family should have stored away in their first aid kit. For some strange reason, the importance and usefulness of eye wash has seemingly slipped out of the spotlight in recent years, and has not even bee replaced with a similar product. Because of this severe lack of knowledge about eye washes - we decided to do a review on the most popular, and newest eye washes on the market - so you have a better idea of what to expect from such a product.

The product we chose has been tried and tested many times in the past, in a number of varying situations. The people we spoke with whilst running our clinical trial all said that eye wash came in handy more than once per month - meaning that eye washes should be on par with band aids, and other medical emergency items.

What is more, is that over half the people we surveyed actually used eye washes on a regular basis - meaning that the product is most definitely not obsolete.

So, what about this eye wash in particular? How did people find this particular brand, and was it one of the top products out of the 8 different brands we tested? Well - here are the results of our study. In a nutshell, they shed light on this brand, and certainly will act as a testimonial to how durable, light, and useful the eye wash is in everyday life.

Test Results
After rigorous testing following our tried and true review process, it so happens that the product we chose to review today is the top ranking eye wash out of the 8 that we tried. We used this brand, as well as giving it to other people to sample - and overall we were particularly impressed by the entire concept.

Whilst some eye washes can be a little bit harsh on the eye - especially on first contact, this eye wash was certainly the one which had the "least" feel to it - a good thing given what we are testing. Additionally, when we removed the eye cup and eye wash, we found that our eyes felt instantly refreshed, and on the occasions where there was obvious irritation before hand, this had alleviated by the end of the eye wash.

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