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What To Do When Your Eyes Get Sore
Have you ever found yourself sitting at home, rubbing your eyes because they are sore, dry, or irritated? Perhaps the feelings began early in the evening, and got so bad that you were forced to stop doing what you were doing, and head for bed? Alternatively, perhaps it was just a mild case of irritation, which lasted for all but a few minutes.

If this has indeed happened, it is likely that you suffered from something extremely common - irritated eyes. Of course, thanks to modern medical technology and medicine, there are a number of things you can do to relieve sore, irritated eyes - meaning that ultimately you can get back to doing the things you were doing before the irritation started.

In this article, we will look a the range of thing you might choose to do when a case of eye irritation does indeed strike. Our focus will be on a particularly simple, safe, and extremely effective product which almost no one has a ready supply of these days. It is, of course, eye wash.

Flushing The Eye
When a case of eye irritation does indeed develop, there really is no need to rush down to the emergency room at the hospital. In reality, unless there is something severely wrong with your eye - or if the irritation has been persisting for an extended duration, a home solution likely to be more than enough to correct the redness and pain.

This is where eye wash comes in particularly handy. Usually, when you buy eye wash, you also receive something called an eye glass. This is a small (plastic) cup into which you pour the eye wash, and then secure around your eye. The instructions will often prompt you to tilt your head backwards, and swish the solution around in order to wash all corners of the eye.

Thankfully, the solutions used in such eye washes these days are very mild, and cause absolutely no further irritation to the eye, or the eye lids.

All going well, the eye wash process should dislodge any foreign object stuck in the eye - and then allow you to get on with what you were previously doing. Because of it's ready ability to correct a potentially annoying and frustrating situation - eye wash is a must for the household medical kit.

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