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Removing Foreign Objects From The Eye
The eyes are one of the most important parts of the body - and for that reason, we need to take as much care of them as we possibly can. It goes without saying - that when things get in to our eyes, we have a natural system which takes care of them. These are called tears, and they help to flush our eyes and clean / lubricate them at the same time.

There is also something in the "blinking"action that helps with this process. When we blink, instead of the eyelid going straight up and down like most of us think, the action actually starts from one side, and progresses along to the opposite side - technically "pushing" foreign debris in to the drainage ducts and away from the functioning eye.

This is a highly efficient system - and for the most part, it works extremely well. After all, how often do you feel like you've got something stuck in your eye?

However - on the odd occasion of course, the process - for one reason or another - fails to work properly, and something becomes lodged inside the eye. This can cause excruciating pain, as well as cause huge amounts of discomfort to the person.

An Artificial Flush
It is when the natural cleansing system fails that eye wash comes in extremely handy. Thanks to the power of modern scientific research, we are now able to flush our eyes with a solution very similar to that of a real tear drop - and hence achieve what the human body cannot - a flush out with large quantities of liquid.

Due to the nature of debris these days, the need for large quantities of liquid is obvious, and from experience - we know that it certainly does its job and works to clean the eye. What's more is that eye wash also contains a number of soothing ingredients which tear drops do not. This means that if you have irritated or dry eyes - drenching them in eye wash solution will actually benefit them in more ways than one.

Eye wash is available across the counter, and at a number of places on the internet. Ensure that you are buying a sterile solution - because this means that there are absolutely no foreign bodies inserted in to the liquid.

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